Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4

Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4

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Please, take into account that water resistance of our replica watches is much lower than water resistance of original timepieces. We do not recommend you to wear any of our replica watches while swimming or having a shower. Otherwise we will not be able to accept the watch for refund, exchange or repair under manufacturer's warranty.

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When the contract between Girard-Perreguax Watch Company and Ferrari Motor Company expired there has been a new partnership built between 2 Italian companies - Ferrari and Panerai. The co-branding partnership between these 2 manufacturers seems to be more reasonable than the previous collaboration with Girard-Perreguax. These wristwatches, which will be available at retail in early August 2006, have 11 styles and cost $ 5,300 to $ 26,500. Panerai Ferrari watches are divided into 2 collections: Granturismo and Scuderia. Of course, both collections feature the prancing horse of Ferrari, which first appeared on a Ferrari Scuderia car in 1932. Granturismo collection features red and black dial elements and the Scuderia collection features black and yellow dial elements. The backs of the timepieces will be carved with the prancing horse Ferrari logo as well as a grid pattern. The subdials are inspired by the ones found on the dash of the well-known sport cars.

  • Movement: Valjoux 7750 ETA Automatic Chronograph
  • Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, fully functioning Chronos
  • Size: 45 mm by 17 mm.
  • Case: Solid Stainless Steel 316L, 18K Plated RG
  • Dial: Black Textured, Arabian numerals, two subdials
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass on top
  • Strap / Bracelet: Genuine leather, Deployant Buckle with signed Ferrari
  • Chrono Functions: Minute at 3, running second at 9 position
  • Back: Solid Case back with Detail Engraving
  • Weigh the same as authentic
  • Replicated to the smallest detail.
  • All engravings and logos are on the face, back, inside, clasp, even on the crown!
  • No docs and box

Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4
Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4
Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4
Ferrari Gran Tourismo Chrono Swiss Replica Watch #4
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